Seeory Interlayer: CF & RF

SEEORY-CF and SEEORY-RF are interlayer for laminated glass. It is made by modified PE with high transparence. It can provide laminated glass excellent weathering and waterproof. It also provides good bonding strength to PET/PC/coated surface, e.a. low-E Coating.

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SEF Glass

With our turnkey solution, we have successfully installed several functional glass on various settings. Diverse functionalities will require a subset of materials adapting the glass to each situation; PET Film for Heat Insulated Glass & PC for Anti-bullet Glass. With unique technology in advanced polymer materials higher standards for durability are achieved, bringing manufacturing advantages for automotive industries, and greater efficiency on construction at buildings' exteriors as resilience to the elements is significantly improved.

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Our work

Speedy Production 1.Vacuum / Heating. 2.UV Curing

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