The laminated glass manufactured with Seeory Interlayer has approved many domestic and foreign certifications. Seeory Interlayer also has extremely low water absorption rate for preventing delamination and discoloration. It is more suitable for using outdoors.
Yes. Seeory Interlayer has good adhesion with PC, PET and plating coating on glass.
For two pieces of 5/6/8mm glasses, two layers (0.8mm) of Seeory Interlayer are suggested.
Yes. Seeory Interlayer has high mobility which is suitable for producing tempered laminated glass.
It depends on equipment. Now the equipment is 2100mm x 3600mm
It depends on equipment. Now the equipment is 25mm.
All Seeory products were developed and produced in Taiwan.
Yes. Different thickness of the glass can be laminated with Seeory Interlayer
Thermal cycle test. -40℃<--> 80℃(340 cycles). High temperature test. Oven baking 2 hours at 100℃, 120℃, 140℃ and 160℃. UV test. UVA (340nm) 222 hours and UVB (313nm) 229 hours
Seeory Interlayer has approved by CNS 1183 which is almost the same as ISO 12543, ANSI Z97.1, JIS R3205, and AS/NZS 2208.
For two pieces of 5mm glasses, it takes 5-10 minutes to produce laminated glass. But it will cost different time with lower processing temperature or other composition of the laminated glass.
When process conditions are determined, the yield of production is higher than 99%. The process conditions are set to different combination of the materials.