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World-leading technology in laminated glass manufacturing

Innovative turnkey solution for faster lead times

With unique technology in chemical and polymer materials, Seeory operates its business by helping laminated glass producers to provide safety, durability, and sustainability for this marvelous planet. Thanks to its innovative low temperature manufacturing process, advanced polymer material and quality film performance, the company aims to reshape the technology landscape in the laminated glass film sector, a rapidly growing application in the outdoor construction and automobile industries.

Seeory makes laminate faster and stronger

Established in 2014, Seeory is co-founded by senior polymer chemists, solar energy scientists,
and big dreamers coming from Henkel, USI Corporation, and Chembridge International Corporation.
Looking forward, we have set a high standard in recruiting the most talented, passionate,
and self-motivated individuals to join our exciting journey and contribute to the world.


Water/humidity resistance UV resistance Prevent delamination

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Wide temperature Timely production process Bonding variety material

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Save Energy

Needless storage humidity control Over 50% energy saved Low temperature manufacturing

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CNS 1183/ISO 12543 Acoustics test Impact test/Anti-bullet test

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Seeory Interlayer: CF & RF

SEEORY-CF and SEEORY-RF are interlayer for laminated glass. It is made by modified PE with high transparence. It can provide laminated glass excellent weathering and waterproof. It also provides good bonding strength to PET/PC/coated surface, e.a. low-E Coating.

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SEF Glass

With our turnkey solution, we have successfully installed several functional glass on various settings. Diverse functionalities will require a subset of materials adapting the glass to each situation; PET Film for Heat Insulated Glass & PC for Anti-bullet Glass. With unique technology in advanced polymer materials higher standards for durability are achieved, bringing manufacturing advantages for automotive industries, and greater efficiency on construction at buildings' exteriors as resilience to the elements is significantly improved.

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Our work

Speedy Production 1.Vacuum / Heating. 2.UV Curing

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The laminated glass manufactured with Seeory Interlayer has approved many domestic and foreign certifications. Seeory Interlayer also has extremely low water absorption rate for preventing delamination and discoloration. It is more suitable for using outdoors.
Yes. Seeory Interlayer has good adhesion with PC, PET and plating coating on glass.
For two pieces of 5/6/8mm glasses, two layers (0.8mm) of Seeory Interlayer are suggested.
Yes. Seeory Interlayer has high mobility which is suitable for producing tempered laminated glass.
It depends on equipment. Now the equipment is 2100mm x 3600mm
It depends on equipment. Now the equipment is 25mm.
All Seeory products were developed and produced in Taiwan.
Yes. Different thickness of the glass can be laminated with Seeory Interlayer
Thermal cycle test. -40℃<--> 80℃(340 cycles). High temperature test. Oven baking 2 hours at 100℃, 120℃, 140℃ and 160℃. UV test. UVA (340nm) 222 hours and UVB (313nm) 229 hours
Seeory Interlayer has approved by CNS 1183 which is almost the same as ISO 12543, ANSI Z97.1, JIS R3205, and AS/NZS 2208.
For two pieces of 5mm glasses, it takes 5-10 minutes to produce laminated glass. But it will cost different time with lower processing temperature or other composition of the laminated glass.
When process conditions are determined, the yield of production is higher than 99%. The process conditions are set to different combination of the materials.
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R&D Engineer for chemical materials

Taipei City, Taiwan
1. Material Formulation
2. managing activities to deliver required output, efficiency, quality,
    safety and productivity performance
3. Develop quality control system for material

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1.   Chemical Engineering related degree is preferred

2.   Master's degree is preferred

3.   Demonstrated problem solving skills and analytical ability

4.   Ability to work collaboratively in a matrix-team environment. Good interpersonal and communication skills are valued, must work well in both self-managed and team environments

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